Dynomet DK also offers motorcycle roller dynos.

1. The roller is very heavy with around 200 kg of inertia mass. The most of any dynos on the market. And with a circumference of 40 cm it enables power testes of even most powerful of motorcycles.
2. The rollers are knurled to eliminate wheelslip and reduce noise.
3. Maximum roller speed - 400 km/h (250 mph).
4. Rollers are balanced to less than 1 gram.
5. For extreme appications the dyno can be ordered with optional eddy current brake with a maximum braking value of 1500 Nm (1100 ft/lb).
6. Power and torque graphs with ability to compare up to 4 graphs, handy for comparing 'before' and 'after' graphs.
7. Datalogger with 8 analog inputs for different sensors (intake, oil, water temperature, air/fuel ratio, EGTs etc.).

DYNOMET software has in-built DIN 70020 correction.

free standing version - 5800 euro (excl. VAT)
floor mounted version - 4900 euro (excl. VAT)
brake option - please email or call

For clients who already have a Dynomet dyno, the controller from your dyno can be used for the motorcycle dyno, price will be lower, please email or call for more information.

Power test demonstration

Photos of the free standing version of the motorcycle dyno